Budapest with 85th place on Global Finacial Centres Index

Global Finnancial Centres Index ranks 114 cities around the globe on a 1,000 point score. This year Budapest has jumped from 101th position to 85th! Results was published for the 29th consecutive year by the Z/Yen Group.

For the record, New York replaced London on the top of the list while Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore held their position on a chase after american and british capital. The most prominent financial centre in the eastern europe is Moscow (57th place), followed by Warsaw (61), Vilnius (62), Bratislava (66) to name a few.

We are happy to see that towns of ViaCarpatia region gets more recognition and consideration on global market.

In fact Eurostat Data ranked living standards in Budapest higher than most of European cities (including Berlin or Vienna). Report posted by statistical datebase of European Union shows the value of goods and services produced and consumed divided by population and converts it in to fictious currency, PPS (Purchasing Power Standard). In these terms, Budapest is 150 percent above EU Average.

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